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Whey Protein Supplements

Whey protein is a convenient method of increasing your daily protein intake.

Our whey protein can be mixed with water, milk or milk alternative and makes a great meal replacement.

Ideal for use after working out to feed your muscles.

Whey Protein for muscle gains

Top quality sports supplements for men & women

Our sports supplements are made in the UK under our EvoSport brand - with quality you can trust from Evolution Slimming. From BCAAs to whey protein, we've got everything you need to see results.

EvoSport Whey Protein

Let's keep protein simple

We know that there are a billion choices when it comes to buying protein powder online. That's why our motto is 'Keeping protein simple'. If you're looking to bulk up, try our Pure Whey. If you're looking to gain lean muscle and trim down, we'd recommend our Diet Whey. Available in 6 flavours.

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