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SlimKick™ Chilli Day Time Slimming Tablets contain capsaicin which is the active chemical in chilli peppers. Chillies may also help in weight loss ...

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Slim Kick Capsicum Weight Loss Range with chilli extracts, designed to heat the metabolism.

Our Slim Kick supplements contain capsicum extracts to help boost your metabolism.

Tasteless and odourless, you may feel a little hotter during working out.

Chilli Pepper Extracts

Contains chilli pepper extract

Research has shown that the spiciness in peppers and chillies can increase the metabolism by raising your body’s natural heat. The active chemical in peppers can directly induce thermogenesis, the process by which cells convert energy into heat.

Metabolism Booster & Weight Loss Supplement

Metabolism booster & appetite control

It is recommended to eat a medium calorie breakfast with SlimKick™, a medium calorie lunch and a low calorie dinner for best results. This product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, nor is it designed to replace meals.

Green Tea Extract

With Green Tea & L-Carnitine

Green tea is a popular weight-loss supplement, especially in Asia, where people are noticeably slimmer even when much of the local foods are fried. By boosting your metabolism above its base rate you’ll be burning more calories than usual.

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