Working out by not working out

Working out by not working out

If you do not get plenty of regular exercise, you run the risk of developing a host of health issues including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

You might even be setting yourself up for an earlier death.

Sticking to a regular workout regimen can be difficult, especially if you are not motivated to do it. Fortunately, you do not have to do a daily yoga routine or go to a spin class just to stay healthy. There are plenty of things can do that will actually work out your heart and muscles. Recreational and household activities such as dancing, playing sports, and cleaning the house might not seem like exercise, but they are.

This is great news for people who cannot seem to get a handle on a regular workout routine. If you are doing something you enjoy – even if it is dancing to your favourite songs in your living room – you are more likely to keep doing it. If you dislike traditional exercise, it may seem more like a chore. However, there are some things to consider.

In order to substitute other types of activities for more traditional workout routines, you really do have to do some planning. You need to select an activity that keeps you moving. Sitting on the sofa for movie night is not going to do the trick! The activity should be something that boosts your heart rate and makes you move your muscles by changing positions. This could be something like vacuuming, gardening, or dusting the house. These activities let you work your legs, core, and butt!

The trick to staying healthy – and losing weight –is to do at least 150 minutes of activity every week. If you are focusing on non-traditional workouts, you really do need to keep track to ensure that you are staying active enough.

Here are some strategies you might employ to help you stay on track:

Set a timer.

This is a great way to make sure you are doing an activity for a certain amount of time. You do not have to stop right in the middle when your timer goes off, but at least you will know you have hit your quota of activity for the day!

Use a memo board.

If you really want to see your progress, put the numbers up where you can always see them. Your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or closet door might be a good place. A constant reminder of your goals is always a big motivator.

Keep an activity journal.

Keeping a journal of what you are doing every day is a great way to stay on track. List the activities you have engaged in each day and how long you spent doing them, and share this information with your doctor.

If you dread hitting the gym on a regular basis, relax! There are plenty of things you can do to stay fit – just keep yourself motivated by tracking your progress!

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