The cloud bread diet: smart move or silly fad?

The cloud bread diet: smart move or silly fad?

It appears that fad diets are going to be around forever, so it should come as no surprise when a new one pops up. However, something called “cloud breads” might be one of the strangest crazes yet.

There is so much debate over carbohydrates. Some folks believe that going low-carb will really help you lose weight and stay healthy, while others think eliminating carbs could be very harmful. Other people simply cannot bear to kiss bread goodbye, and it is for these people that the principles of cloud bread might be the most welcome.

When it comes to cloud breads, you are eating bread that is considered low in carbs and is also gluten-free. There is no flour, yeast, or anything else that is considered to be traditionally unhealthy in bread, and they call it “cloud bread” because it is light and fluffy. However, it looks more like a cross between a rice cake and pita bread.

Is cloud bread really good for you? Is it better than regular bread? Will it help you to lose weight, or is it really just another fad diet we should not even think about?

Experts have answered these questions with a pretty vague “yes and no” response, which is not really what most people want to hear. When it comes to diet and health information, most of us want clear-cut answers. Unfortunately, without extensive research, a clear-cut answer is simply not going to be possible.

On one hand, if you want to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you are eating, cloud bread is not a bad way to go.

However, on the other hand, this type of bread is actually a lot higher in fat compared to regular bread. Additionally, because the bread is gluten-free, it contains minimal fibre, which is essential for stomach and colon health. Nevertheless, those with gluten allergies and Coeliac disease might want to consider cloud bread if they would like to include foods like sandwiches in their daily diets.

Another thing you should keep in mind about cloud bread is that it does not taste anything like traditional bread, so if you want that sort of flavour and mouth-feel, you will not be pleased!

The thing to take away here is that if you want to give cloud bread a try, go for it. Remember that you should never make major changes to your diet without speaking to your doctor or a certified dietician – risking malnutrition through any diet change, especially a fad diet, is simply not worth it.

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