New diet and food rules… again!

New diet and food rules… again!

Diet and health experts cannot seem to get a handle on what we should and should not be eating to stay slim and healthy.

We were recently introduced to yet another set of “new” food rules that basically threw everything we thought we knew from the last few decades right out the window.

One of the most controversial aspects of these new rules is that a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet may actually do more harm than good.

If you have been paying attention to diet and health news, you know that this is pretty much the opposite of what our diets and nutritionists have been telling us for years. This report from the National Obesity Forum (NOF) caused a big uproar, especially from Public Health England (PHE).

What food rules should we really be following? To help clear the air, we’ve put together a list of guidelines you should keep in mind, regardless of the controversy.

You can eat eggs.

Even though eggs have previously been linked to heart disease and high cholesterol, more recent research has shown that they really are good for you, not to mention a great source of protein. 

You might want to reconsider the low-fat diet.

Modern studies have shown us that sticking to a strict low-fat diet is ineffective for both weight loss and overall health. In fact, some fats are good for us. However, you should still keep an eye on added sugars that may be lurking in your foods.

Watch the carbohydrates.

You do not need to eliminate carbs from your diet, but you probably should not be basing your entire meal around them. Many experts believe that carbs can lead to spikes in your blood sugar, which increases the risk of diabetes.

You can still eat red meat, but limit your intake.

Including lean red meats in your diet can be good for you, but you should keep an eye on your intake. According to the World Health Organisation, red meat has been categorised as a possible trigger for some cancers, although more research is required.

Nuts are a healthy snack.

Over the years, nuts have been on both sides of the argument because they are often high in fat and calories. However, the latest research has shown that they contain the “good” fats and are a key element of a healthy diet.

Stop eating so much sugar.

It may seem like common sense, but eating too much sugar is definitely not good for you. We should be limiting our intake to about six teaspoons a day, and that includes foods like honey, fruit juice, and syrups in addition to white, refined sugar.

These quick clarifications should help you stay on the right track of eating and living healthy!

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