Getting the best results from supplements

How to get the best results from your supplements

You've been researching the right supplement for you, but how can you get the most from your new regime?

If you're looking to improve your health through the help of a natural supplement, then you're going to want to get the best results possible. You've researched online, read the reviews and made a decision on a product that will support your goals, and you want to make sure it's going to work.

Here's four ways in which you can support your new lifestyle change and ensure you're getting the best value for every penny you spend.

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Take them as directed every day

This might seem like an obvious one, but you must keep using the product to give the supplements chance to work. Everyone is different and whilst some people will start to feel the benefits of their products within a few days, other people might need a few weeks to really notice a change.

Always read the label and keep to the recommended dose. Set a reminder on your phone if you're likely to forget.

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Drink plenty of water

Drinking water alongside supplements such as capsules, will help the product work more efficiently. The capsules in supplements are usually made from HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) which is a vegetable cellulose. These may look like plastic, but are completely edible and natural, and dissolve safely in your stomach when taken with water or juice. Ideally, buy a refillable water bottle or shaker to keep on you throughout the day which you can refill with tap water.  

Healthy diet plan for best results

Follow a diet plan

If weight loss is part of your goal, you'll see the best results if you follow a 3 pronged approach - diet, water and supplements. About 70% of losing weight is diet, and whilst it might seem hard to change your eating habits completely, it doesn't have to be. Using a diet plan can boost your chances of success. You can download our free diet plan here which contains 7 days of meals, exercise tips and recommendations.

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Combine it with other supplements

Usually, one supplement is designed for a specific purpose. However, you might get better results if you combine it with another supplement. For example, if you're using whey protein, you might like to support your workout with an energy supplement to get more from your exercise. If you're taking a meal replacement shake, try adding in a weight management supplement to boost your weight loss. Check out these bundles for recommended combinations.

What's the best supplement for me?

There are hundreds of thousands of health and fitness supplements on the market, which can make choosing one that's right for you a minefield.

If you're undecided about which product will help you reach your goals, try our quick questionnaire which will pick the product that will suit your goals.

What's the most popular health supplements?

According to Ipsos Public Affairs, in 2016 over 71% of Americans use supplements - that's more than 170 million people supplementing their lifestyle. We've put together our best sellers to help you narrow down the choice.

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